Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

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Once again, a considerable BitTorrent Pirate Bay web page has disappeared from the globally web into a poof of misdirection and opposite verifying. Currently, The Buccaneer Bay is distant and, like we have seen before, TorrentFreak is the only media shop with supposedly official information. They are saying that Buccaneer Bay is down “due to energy unable.”

In Aug, I exposed on the Demonoid Pirate Bay closed down. Torrentfreak ran a story that said Demonoid’s provides, which were organized by a organization known as Colocall, were closed down by the Ukranians as a “gift to the U. s. States government.” They wrote that the Ukrainian “government scientists reach ColoCall to closed Demonoid down” which they obtained from a Ukrainian document. A few periods later, after I e-mailed Colocall independently, Colocall advised me “the option to quit the contract with Demonoid has been designed without participation of the Ministry, because they activated too much issues for just one customer. This is our own option.”

Even though we ran an material that said Torrentfreak  Pirate Bay was “full of junk,” I’m not saying that they’re absolutely wrong in verifying The Fantastic Buccaneer Bay Power Failing of 2012. I am, however, very uncertain. Especially given that on their house web page they are also managing a story about Gottfrid Svartholm, a TPB designer, being “locked up without costs.” Gottfrid, proven above on the staying, was taken in Cambodia and came returning to Norwegian last 1 30 days after preventing a assurance. Besides evading his one period term in Norwegian for managing Buccaneer Bay, he supposedly affected into a speaking with organization known as Logica. He’s currently sitting in a Helpful jail and his detention period was extended yesterday, the same day as the energy unable.

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Besides the predicted energy unable, and Gottfrid being created from Cambodia, there’s a third event that is also obviously unconnected to the web page being down. It regards the TPB’s web extensive range company: PRQ. PRQ not only provides Buccaneer Bay, the organization was also recognized by the creators of TPB. PRQ Pirate Bay has also taken some serious heated for web extensive range NAMBLA’s web page. But, moreover, PRQ is one of Wikileaks’ web extensive range providers as well. As of right now, the Wikileaks web page is still available.

A representative for PRQ known as Mikael Viborg, who is exposed to be the existing owner of the organization, advised the Helpful document Nyheter24 (according to Google Translate) that the regulators took “four servers” and he had “not been told” which provides they selected. According to Nyheter24, PRQ is known to “host the aspects that no one else wants to extensive range, and not ask any issues.” Mikael also advised Forbes in the summer time period of 2011 that PRQ had “Pirate Bay no a longer period any immediate connection with The Buccaneer Bay” even though the Nyheter24 material which also estimates Viborg designed no such statement.

It seems unfeasible to me that despite PRQ being raided, and Gottfrid being sent to jail after operating from Norwegian to Cambodia, that this Buccaneer Bay a chance to recover is generally due to a energy unable. The Nyheter24 material also opinions that there has been a series of DDOS hits in Norwegian against government websites, which is often the stage of Private Pirate Bay. Sure enough, Private launched #OpPirateBay and they are currently announcing to have defaced 15 Helpful websites to look like this:

When Demonoid disappeared, there was an strange period of web page a chance to recover followed by a series of false information regarding the stated raid at their extensive range organization, which led to opinions without evidence that its administrators were Pirate Bay taken in Southern usa, and the web page has not came returning since.

Now, with Buccaneer Bay, we have a obviously amazing “back in five” type idea from its Facebook or myspace or fb web page, the confirmed cops police arrest Pirate Bay and detention of one of its business owners, the raid of a web host hosting server organization directly associated to the website’s creators, and a Wikileaks organization just for excellent assess.

It seems to me that this complex mess is either due to purposely bad group connections on the element of both Demonoid and The Buccaneer Bay or it is due to a new type of anti-piracy discomfort operate. Instead of getting in helicopters secured with cameras to the individual property or Pirate Bay house of the website’s owner, like they did to Kim Dotcom who now seems to be beating the scenario and is launching a item new online music support, the regulators move more perfectly and do everything they can to keep group information to a smallest. Conspiratorial? It might sound like that. But so far, there is no better information.

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With all this activity around the DDOS hits and the avoiding of Helpful BitTorrent website The Buccaneer Bay in some countries, we determined to look the 5 best solutions to the The Buccaneer Bay.

News around The Buccaneer Bay is certainly a storage that it’s excellent to have a back-up strategy. Late last 1 month, the UK Great Assess asked for all ISPs in the UK to avoid the website. Getting around such stops is uncomplicated. Still, what happens when the website is DDOS attacked like what happened lately when an Private defector supposedly attacked the site? Such a factor could theoretically impact your day-to-day setting up.

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Here are the 5 best Buccaneer Bay alternatives

1. ISOHunt

A North america begin BitTorrent website that has really live through the age groups. Still around and still offering up torrents for everyone. This probably is one of the best actual solutions to ThePirateBay.

2. 1337x

Another begin website, though younger by assessment. Has many different torrents to choose from and is one of the higher place sites as chosen by our very own ZeroPaid guests.

3. KickAss Torrents

An begin website with many torrents. Another website that has acquired great ratings by our guests.

4. BitWiki

A well-known BitTorrent collection and look for website search engine marketing.

5. Bit-torrent Project

A Bit-torrent look for website search engine marketing able to examine through several sites and get both torrents and details within each bittorrent.



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Even though these past few a few several weeks have been somewhat frightening for well-known bit-torrent places, with Demonoid getting damaged and UKNova willfully getting itself out of the experience to avoid a future legal issue, the most well-known torrenting team, The Buccaneer Bay, is still having highly effective. Except, at enough duration of this writing, it actually is not having together too well. The Buccaneer Bay is down as of this post, but don’t anxiety, it’s not due to some legal issue.

Whenever The Buccaneer Bay goes down, torrenting fans quite much anxiety — partly because TPB is a easy enough team in which to discover what bit-torrent one is looking for, but also because it’s the biggest concentrate on to get closed down, and has experience various legal issues in past periods. However, luckily for fans, the bit-torrent web page has not hit any legal capture, and is generally down due to power unable. Phrase is that the The Buccaneer Bay has generally hit a power unable due to a issue with a power distribution system, which can’t be more effectively known as in regards to a power unable.

So, never fear, torrenters, you will generally have to wait a bit, or try an alternative web page, before you can acquire all that Few days TV you missed last night.

Pirate Bay: Remedial cops raid ISP for Buccaneer Bay and Wikileaks

Pirate Bay

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While a variety of bittorrent-based filesharing websites such as PRQ’s most well known customer, the Buccaneer Bay, have been down for most of Thursday as well as PRQ’s own web page, Viborg informed the Remedial information web page that the web page failures were the result of a specialized problem, rather than the police’s seizure of provides. And it’s not yet obvious exactly whose provides the cops seized: PRQ’s two million or so customers have at times involved WikiLeaks, the Northern The united states Man-Boy Really like Organization, Child molester.se, the Chechen insurgent web page Kavkaz Main, and the defamation-accused German weblog known as Perugia Surprise, among others.

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The Remedial Pirate Bay web variety PeRiQuito AB, PRQ, is one of the most questionable web provides on the earth, pricing freedom of expression so extremely that it provides up web content for Buccaneer Bay, WikiLeaks and even websites like Child molester.se. Last night, though, Remedial cops compensated a check out.

Forbes reviews that Stockholm cops raided the company yesterday. The process introduced about details for PQR, which closed down its own web page and a swathe of bittorrent websites like Buccaneer Bay, but the cops also grabbed a variety of provides.

It’s currently Pirate Bay not obvious which provides were taken. There are certainly a lot to choose from: among PQR’s 2,000-or-so customers are WikiLeaks, the Northern The united states Man-Boy Really like Organization, Child molester.se, the Chechen insurgent web page Kavkaz Main, and the defamation-accused German weblog known as Perugia Surprise.

PQR was established by Buccaneer Bay associates back in 2004, and has been raided by cops twice before: in 2006 to obtain proof about Buccaneer Bay and 2010 during a more common computer file discussing research. The Pirate Bay characteristics of the PQR business—a no-questions-asked set-up where customers often stay anonymous—means that even it doesn’t know why the raid occurred yet. [Nyheter24 via Forbes]


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